Largest Wholsaler and distributors of Indian food stuff, spice and Indian liquor in Japan

Our main target is Indian and Asian restaurant, supplying them daily nesseary Items, comodties,spices and other service industry products. Supporting these restaurants is our primary motto.


Its all started from 1954, when we have started the intial business od service industry and Food and beverages distribution. Its almost 10 years now , KOMAKI is one only leading and largest and most valuable preffered vedor for Indian and Asian restaurants in JAPAN.

we always strive to meet our own high standards of professionalism, excellence and integrity in our services to the customers, regardless of the product and area. The results are long-term business relationships that span geographies and decades, and a position of leadership within our services that is the foundation for success in years to come. best quality products at the best price in the industry is always our target and contiouse efforts to achive that goal.

President Message

I loved Indian food, and always tried different Indian restaurants on regular basis, I can express my feeling how good they are. Thoes old days, there were not many options of Indian restaurants, and the spark came in my mind that how and where these people must have buying thier daliy required ingredients, food and beverages. though the communication was not possible due to launguage barrier, I could communicate in gester / body laungaude and it was fun to do that.

These leades to the good relationship with the owners and managers of restaurants, I was so surprised how polite these people and I always appriciated their efforts to establise the Indian restaurant in Japan and introduce not only food but their warm heart and culture to us.

over these years now we have almost all Indian restaurants as our customers and good business relation with them. I should say they all are good joints, I feel now onwards also Indian restaurant ,market and demand will flowrish and we work hard towards the same goal.

Representative DirectorSHIGEO KOMAKI