Our 5 Commitments

  • Listening to what our regular customers have to say

    The problems faced by our customers are diversifying and changing daily.
    In order to support our customers by responding to their problems in the “here and now,” not only our employees but also the President of our company are working to improve the “6 pain points” (anxiety, discomfort, uneconomical, shortage, inconvenience, dissatisfaction) not limited to food, through regular communication with our customers.

  • All products are delivered by full-time employees

    We believe that our relationship with our customers begins when we deliver the products we’ve prepared for them.
    We strive to be the “customer’s best advisor” on a permanent basis, rather than a one-time relationship.
    Delivering products is not our only job. Our job is to communicate with customers during delivery and find out the “6 pain points” that customers have, and to help solve them.
    That is why we do not rely on outside parties for delivery, but always have a full-time employee in charge of it.

  • Developing our own market-in products

    We not only deliver ready-made commercial products, but also work to develop new products that our customers want. In order to continue to create added value for our customers, we will continue to develop and propose our own products with the optimal Q (quality) and P (price) that our customers demand.
    We are convinced that “”always creating commercial products from the customer’s viewpoint”” will lead to the enhancement of added value for our customers and our company.

  • Komaki people recognize diversity and enjoy change

    Our job is to “support Indian restaurant owners, employees and customers.”
    We would like to grow the number of colleagues and employees who share in this work.
    “Today more than yesterday, tomorrow more than today. Growing every day. Getting better every day.”
    Our employees are the type who willingly undertake and enjoy small changes and challenges.

  • Building up a relationship of trust with each business partner

    We have business partners in Italy, India, Thailand, Vietnam, China, and more.
    Although we live in an age where distribution and information infrastructures have developed, making it easy to connect with the rest of the world, this is precisely why we place great importance on building relationships of trust through real communication by directly visiting the producers of commercial products as well as overseas production sites.
    The many business partners we have built relationships with over the 65 years since our founding, through a persistent focus on real people-to-people relationships, have grown into irreplaceable friends and assets.


  • Inquiry

    Please contact us first by using the inquiry form on our website or by phone.

  • Discussion

    After receiving your inquiry, our sales representative will contact you for further discussion.

  • Quotation

    We will provide you with a quote according to your needs.

  • Order

    If you agree with the quote, please place your order through the Komaki app.

  • Delivery

    Our sales representatives will deliver the product according to the date and time you specify.

Komaki OrderEasy ordering
through the Komaki app

We have developed our own ordering app to meet the needs of today’s smartphone-centric world.
The ordering app is multilingual (Japanese/English) to make it easy to place orders anytime, anywhere.